Our Team

Gerald E. King

President, CEO

Gerald E. King, CRX CDP got his start in this business back in 2001 with Read King as their Project Manager, Tennant Coordinator and Property Manager/Asset Manager eventually becoming their Director of Development.  During his tenure at Read King as the Project Manager he had been an integral part of their Development Team contributing to the pre-development, development and post development phases of their projects.  To date Gerald has overseen or is overseeing the development of approximately 15.5 million square feet of commercial retail developments encompassing twenty-three-(23) projects in the Houston and surrounding markets with approximately 1.3 million square feet of buildings on the ground.  He’s a very prideful person with a fine eye for detail resulting in quality construction/projects.

I’ve been quite involved in the Ground-up Commercial Retail Development for the past 17-years of which the last four-(4) have been on my own. I LOVE the Ground-up Commercial Retail Development business
I’m the third of four generations of King’s in the City of Houston in the real estate development business and very proud of it. My grandfather, C. E. King, started it all off in the residential development business back in the 30’s and then his three-(3) sons followed suite. My brother, C. Ewing King II, was the first to get into the Commercial arena followed by myself and then his son Cortez E. King III.

George Anthony Key

Assistant Project Manager

George Anthony Key joined King Development Services in 2016 as Assistant Project Manager. He works directly with Gerald King to manage ground up retail development across the City of Houston.

George has over 25 years of construction experience that has spanned from working on residential, multi family, hotels, banks, hospitals, stadiums, architectural firms,  K- 12education, higher education, institutional facilities, and many interior build-out projects as a superintendent, business development engineer, purchasing manager, and project manager.

George graduated from Prairie View A & M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is very active concerning community affairs here in the City of Houston. He has been an advocate of assisting small business enterprises, minority/women owned small businesses and continues to educate the youth about the commercial construction industry.

In May of 2014 George Key received the Distinguish Alumni Award from the PVAMU School of Architecture and Construction Department in addition to being recognized as one of the Top 50 Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs in the City of Houston on February 27, 2014. George also received a U.S. Congressional Proclamation from Congress woman Shelia Jackson Lee concerning his outstanding efforts in the community in 2015. George was also personally recognized on December 2008 for his commitment to community service with a City of Houston “George Key Day“from Mayor Anise Parker on behalf of Mayor Bill White.

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