About Us

King Development Services was founded by Gerald King in 2013 as a fee-based development company specializing in Ground-up Commercial Retail Development.

We are a one-stop shop for highly skilled development management and construction management professionals. Handling all aspects of the development process ensures a successful handoff to our construction team.

Our development team handles entitlements, design team procurement (including architectural and site design procurement) and oversight, geotechnical report procurement and analyses, title and survey reviews including all governing doucments, and environmental remediation when necessary. We add value to our clients’ projects through relentless value engineering, while ensuring that their design criteria are met.

The Pre-development, Development and Post Development services that we offer are:


  •  Due Diligence Studies
  • Pre-Development Planning
  • Consultant Selection
  • Bidding Process
  • Scheduling
  • Field Construction Management
  • Tenant Coordination
  • Tenant Construction Management
  • Project Close-Out
  • General Contracting Services

Gerald E. King

President, CEO

Gerald E. King, CRRP, CRX, CDP got his start in this business back in 2001 with Read King as their Project Manager, Tennant Coordinator and Property Manager/Asset Manager eventually becoming their Director of Development.  During his tenure at Read King as the Project Manager he had been an integral part of their Development Team contributing to the pre-development, development and post development phases of their projects.  To date Gerald has overseen or is overseeing the development of approximately 15.5 million square feet of commercial retail developments encompassing twenty-three-(23) projects in the Houston and surrounding markets with approximately 1.3 million square feet of buildings on the ground.  He’s a very prideful person with a fine eye for detail resulting in quality construction/projects.

Gerald has been quite involved in Ground-up Commercial Retail Development for the past 18-years of which the last six-(6) have been on his own with King Development Services. He has a true LOVE for the Ground-up Commercial Retail Development business and it shows in his commitment to the industry, his dedication to continuing education, keeping well informed on the latest trends & technology and his attention to detail.

Gerald is part a of the third of four generations of King’s in the City of Houston in the real estate development business and very proud of it. His grandfather, C. E. King, started it all off in the residential development business back in the 30’s and then his three-(3) sons followed suite. Gerald’s brother, C. Ewing King II, was the first to get into the Commercial arena followed by Gerald and then Ewing’s son Cortez E. King III.